Michael Shelley

Affiliation: Flatiron Institute and Courant Institute 

Fields: Applied and Computational Mathematics, Biophysics 

Jenn-Nan Wang ( Winner of the 2023 TMS Academic Prize )

Affiliation: Institute of Applied Mathematical Sciences, National Taiwan University

Fields: PDE, Inverse problem

Benoît Collins

Affiliation: Kyoto University

Fields: Operator algebras, random matrices, probability theory


Chung-Jun Tsai

Affiliation: National Taiwan University

Fields: Differential geometry, Topology

Chang-Hong Wu

Affiliation: National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Fields: Partial Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Biology

Yu-Chen Shu

Affiliation: National Cheng Kung University

Fields: Interface Problems, Multigrid Method, Numerical Partial Differential Equation

Lan-Hsuan Huang

Affiliation: University of Connecticut

Fields: Partial Differential Equations, Geometry and Topology

Chun Liu

Affiliation: Illinois Institute of Technology

Fields: Complex Fluids Free, Interface Motions, General Diffusion, Ionic Fluids and Ion Channels


2024 Invited